Interesting web Links

This information is where we have interesting links to places that either help us enthusiasts with our renovations. Or just plain information of interest.

We need you the members to send via the communication email any thing that can be added here.

The likes of which must not infringe any copy rights or be offensive.

The types of things we want you to send in are: Technical articles of things that us renovators might use or need.

Manufacturers (no advertisers accepted) i.e. fabricators, fibre glass repairs etc, auto component part

All these links will usually be web driven and will only be a web address and brief description so that article(s) can be opened.

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New Excelsior piston assemblies (std, +20, +30, +40 and +60

thou.) are available from:

John Chatt, F.W. Thornton & Sons,

57 Wyle Cop,



SY1  1YJ.  

Tel:  01743-357081.


Also  JP Pistons, Australia.—See website.

Suspension Units 

Damper units, springs, bushes and complete assemblies are

available from:

Hagon Products,

7 Roebuck Road,



IG6  3JH.

Tel: 0208-502-6222.

NOTE: State front/rear, length and exact Berkeley model.

Body Sections etc

Cascu (Mark) – See website.

Excelsior Siba Parts

Dolphin Engines,

St Austell,

Cornwall – See website.

Excelsior Rebuild Specialists etc


Nametab Engineering Ltd,


Tel 01527-522266

Other Berkeley Specialists

KIP Motors ,Texas, USA—See website

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Nice old Berkeley associated pictures - here.

In this site. Click on; other bits and then local stuff. You see a Berkeley, put mouse over it and double click - enjoy it when open.

Click onto the Yahoo Groups. This will take you to the

United States Berkeley site.

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