I would like to take this opportunity to say that we as members in this club are all enthusiasts of a series of small cars with one aim in mind and that is to keep these historic heritage vehicles on the road.

Because of their age they require the care of dedication to ensure they look good and are well maintained and cared for, this is our aim and responsibility.

This is only accomplished by people that have a vast knowledge and database of the marque within our club. We enthusiasts use this knowledge without a second thought because we know we can have the help we want from other enthusiasts in and the club to steer us in the right direction so the minimum of mistakes are made.

We all must acknowledge this club would not be in existence if it was not for a few very long standing members who have had there cars from when they themselves were little more than boys. These fellows are the ones that have collected this information together to give us the club we now have. Its a huge thanks we owe these lads and lassies for their overwhelming kindness in giving up so much of their personal time. They do all of this work for no reward other than perhaps another BERKELEY has been saved and resurrected.

The club belongs to all of us with a fully paid up membership. It is down us all to make this club of ours work. Your contribution is more than wanted it is a must!  By making a contribution wether it be some sort of help, a story/joke or article for our magazine this is what will be our success.

The club will not be a club for us all to enjoy if we don’t help each other in some way or other.

Remember that our cars are now +60 years old. When the first BERKELEY came out of the factory some of the cars in the London to Brighton veteran car run were younger than ours are now. We must preserve our little cars because they belong to a motoring heritage that not many cars enjoy.


About this site for the BEC

This web site has been constructed to be used by anybody who ios Berkeley Enthusiast Club.

Any visitor is free to enter and look at the content in this site.

The soul aim of this web site is to promote these heritage cars and make every body aware of their existence. Far and wide around the world.

I apologies to anybody if there are errors or mistakes within this site, there is nothing we cannot put right for you; please inform the web administrator of such. ( But please only in a nice way!)

Also some things will not be here or missing so just inform us, we will try to accommodate.

The BEC needs

The club and its members are always grateful for anything that can be of help when it comes to keeping these attractive little vehicles on the road. Things that help are:



Technical Information

(either given or lent).

Your time

Donated spares

Any help with body fabrication (cheap of coarse) because this is a very difficult area for all owners. Plus just a little of your time - thank you.

The success of this website and the club in general is down to the members and their explicate involvement.

Please join us and take part.

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